Frequent Cryer.

by Serge Bielanko

I logged some big hours on my favorite river over the past few days. Caught a lot of trout. I caught a monster on Friday on a San Juan Worm on 5x tippet. Does that excite you?

We took Violet to her first Birthday Party. I ate a lot of jelly beans. I couldn't stop shoving them in my pie-hole. The weather has turned summer-y,finally. In other words, I haven't slowed down long enough to write anything new. I'll hit that this afternoon when Violet naps.

Right now, I have to go mow some lawns. So I wanted to put this out there. At the end of this week we're taking Violet on her first plane journeys. We're all really excited to be gettin' outta Dodge for a long weekend, but the plane ride thing has got me wondering. And so to those of you with some frequent cryer miles, maybe you can share the wisdom...

Do you take your own stroller/car seat? Does your diaper bag count as a carry-on? Do you board early or just wait until the last minute to avoid a fidgety kid? What sort of ID does a baby need? Is it acceptable for the dad to enter the airplane bathroom above Colorado and exit it just before landing in Detroit? What are is the over/under for me to score a Mile High Club point on this flight? How does a baby in your lap usually react when massive jet engines kick in all around her? Is a bottle or a binky better to keep little ears from popping? What else? Everything else!!

If you have any good tips on air travel with a baby, let me know here today.